Universal Sphere® Testimonies

Practitioner Workshop:

I have attended many energy courses since 1994, Reiki, Touch for Health, Medical Intuitive Training, Kinesiology, Acupuncture, Qigong, and many more. I am a Reiki Master since 1996 and practice Hatha Yoga.
This course was an amazing experience. The energy felt during this training was very powerful. This is ‘prayer on steroids’! This technique removes the dogma attached to some of the early teachings of working with energy. This takes us directly to the source of the energy. It is like returning ‘home’.
The content of this training also aligns with my belief system, that we are all able to do this. Working with ‘source’ does not need to be hard, we do not need to relive trauma in order to heal. We need to have an awareness that change is required and find a tool that works for us. Whatever that tool maybe.
No one is ‘extra’ special or needs to know anything about energy or prayer to learn this technique. Elizabeth is an amazing instructor and I wish her all the best in her teachings. RB


Dear Elizabeth,  I loved  learning about the Universal Sphere® and your presentation of it.  It is SOOO easy to experience and learn.  I also love that it has come to me in a very timely fashion.    I so resonate with it and it seems like I have been doing it forever.  Thank you for this Universal gift.
Many Blessings    Deb 


I am so blessed to have been able to attend Elizabeth's Universal Sphere® Practitioner Training Workshop. She is very articulate at explaining how to use Universal Sphere®. The background to Universal Sphere® was explained clearly and concisely.  The day was filled with lots of information and flowed along smoothly. The time was utilized well.  I enjoyed doing the 5 Universal Sphere® experiences. They really work. I could feel the energy immediately and could get into it. I also felt increased energy!  I look forward to working more with Universal Sphere® and having it in my toolbox to use to move my life forward in a positive direction. I want to follow up with the additional information that Elizabeth said was available to us.   Thanks again!   Juanita

The Universal Sphere® Workshop clarified and put a name and definition to what I already knew about the Universe, intuitively and from experience.  Elizabeth did a marvelous job presenting and she is a pro.  I was truly impressed, and I am so very proud of her! 
Elizabeth’s strong beliefs and passion for the topics she presented were infectious, and her messages come through loud and clear because she knows she is facilitating true energetic healing and the opening of our Hearts and Souls to becoming all we are meant to be in this Universe. 
Elizabeth, you are doing what you were meant to do in your life, and I recognized you are facilitating from your Heart and Soul.   Thank you SO MUCH for inviting me to learn from you, from the Universal Sphere®, and from all the other participants in the class.  I feel very blessed to have been re-introduced to and participated in such an invaluable training!   Connie


I recently attended Elizabeth’s Universal Sphere® Workshop.  I arrived feeling somewhat tired, low energy and obsessing a little about the previous days.  Well that all changed after the first experience with the Universal Sphere® we did.  As Elizabeth guided us, I felt a surge of energy and alertness travel through my mind, body, and spirit. My whole perspective on life had shifted. I shifted. I felt free. By afternoon’s end I was so ever thankful to be apart of this workshop.
I also learned the Universal Sphere is a heart and soul tool, and to always offer up good to everyone and everything for the highest and best.  Thank-you Elizabeth for teaching me this simple, yet powerful tool.    Tracey-Lynn Byrne


I attended the one-day Universal Sphere® training course with Elizabeth and went into it with an open mind as I haven’t done much energy work before.  I was instantly blown away!  The Universal Sphere® is a practice that is easy to follow especially for beginners like me.  I completed the day feeling lighter and excited to begin practicing at home!   Ericka 

Thank you, Elizabeth, for inviting me to your Universal Sphere® Training.  Firstly, from an event point of view, Elizabeth did an excellent job.  She was organized, well prepared and executed the information with ease and confidence. The integrity of the room was very high because Elizabeth set it for that.  The attention to detail was obvious.
Secondly, the introduction to the Universal Sphere® is something I’ve never experienced before - on a positive level. I admit I was skeptical at first, and my Christian background thought it would be conflicting, however, it is all encompassing.  I love “Infinite Possibilities” especially as I’ve always believed anything is possible. Now I have a pathway.  I am looking forward to practicing the Universal Sphere® and learning more from Elizabeth and, of course, Ishtara.
Thank you for Introducing me to this work. Blessings    Fran 


Universal Spheres® Workshop Series

Hi Elizabeth,  Just a big thanks for offering this extension to the Universal Sphere® Workshop.  This has helped me get a better grasp of how to utilize the Universal Sphere® and integrate it into my life.  Through these weeks I have noticed a change I would like to tell you about. 
I have never felt comfortable in a group setting.  Staying in the background and only talking to people who approach  me, even in crowds where I know several people.  Well I went to a home concert on the weekend and to my surprise I was comfortable through the whole day and talked to people I had never talked to before.  People also approached me that I knew by sight and had never approached me before. 
All and all this experience has solidified the work I have been doing with the Universal Sphere® and your evenings together.  Thanks for all you have done to extend and enhance the Universal Sphere®.  Donna


I have enjoyed very much the classes for Universal Sphere with Elizabeth . They have given an opportunity to share our experience and hear others speak of their experiences. She has created notes that are helpful to increase my knowledge and use the practice for all facets of my life, work, personal, and relationships. I love it and do US every day. I welcome others to enroll and have extra practice in this powerful opportunity. With gratitude,  Laraine

Results Driven:

I was on the phone with Elizabeth and she recommended I do a Universal Sphere® on my empty condo. I really needed to rent this place of mine. Well to be honest I didn’t do a sphere on it but was sure thinking about it that night. The next morning, I received  a call from this woman who wants to move in immediately. We met and she loves the place. Wrote me a check for the damage deposit and first months rent!!! Elizabeth did mention it’s very interesting to see what comes up in life, once one knows how to use the Universal Sphere®.    Tracey-Lynn

I attended the Universal Sphere® one-day workshop with Elizabeth and have been practicing doing Universal Spheres® at home ever since.  What I have experienced has been very interesting to say the least!
There is a woman I deal with on a regular basis at my job, and she has always  been standoffish, and doesn't really speak to me when I try to interact with her to do my job.  And you can feel the tension between us as soon as she walks threw the door.  Just one week after attending the workshop, she came into my work and it was like a whole new experience...she smiled and said “Hi” back when I said “Hello”.  We even talked for a good 20 minutes, and as she was leaving, she said “Bye and have a good weekend.”  I was blown away by how the positive energy that I've shifted by doing Universal Spheres® is showing up in other areas of my life!     Ericka


Radical Forgiveness Testimonies:


I wanted to write you a proper mail to thank you for your guidance, Elizabeth. As a therapist myself, I know dealing with consultants' egos is the trickiest and most important part of the job, and I must say that you did this wonderfully. It wasn't easy for me to express emotions about these situations, and to recognize the profoundness of the associated emotions was something I really had trouble with. You have it, with kindness but sharp analysis, simplicity and light communication. I will, without a doubt, recommend you when I have the occasion. I wanted you to know that I really appreciated working with you. it has helped me tremendously. Thank you, Elizabeth. I wish you much success, that which you deserve.

S. Kaba 

I have carried a charge which resonated at 100% with my brother for most of my life. The feelings surrounding this charge included hurt, sadness, abandonment, betrayal, resentment, anger, emptiness, depression, insecurity, jealousy, beaten, and vengefulness. I knew internally this charge needed to be let go and released, so I was open to the Radical Forgiveness technique.

I met with Elizabeth for a total of 5 sessions and at the beginning of the worksheet I found it very emotional. However I learnt through this whole process how all those negative feelings tied into today's negative core beliefs. As well Elizabeth was very supportive and encouraging, guiding me through each step.

With each session completed I began noticing a shift within myself. The reframe statement made a huge difference in how I perceived this life experience with my brother. 

I am forever grateful for the Radical Forgiveness technique. With my new found freedom I am willing to look at my brother with love. 

Elizabeth is an amazing coach and I look forward to working with her again.

Tracey-Lynn Byrne

As a Radical Forgiveness Coach, Elizabeth is a natural, not only because she has studied the material, she really KNOWS the material and the spiritual assumptions behind the material.   She has found her true calling because she wants to coach people through the Radical Forgiveness process so they can truly release those resentments, emotions and attachments to the past, and learn that 'we are truly loving spirits', one with God (our higher spirit). 
When I had questions or doubts, Elizabeth readily guided, re-directed, explained, and put the information into perspective so that I really understand the concepts involved behind Radical Forgiveness and why it is effective.   
Elizabeth's introductory sessions on Radical Forgiveness are well thought out and logical, yet plant a seed of 'intrigue' that propels others [and me] to want to absorb more about the assumptions of Radical Forgiveness. 
As a result of the coaching I received from Elizabeth on Radical Forgiveness, I have already released quite a bit of pain and resentment, and I am looking forward to learning more from her. I believe she has earned the privilege of learning more about the subject, and will become a very adept and proficient Radical Living Master Coach.
Connie Nelson


The 10 week course has come at a perfect time in my life.  I have found through this course that I have pushed through many very deep issues that I had not been able to get through before. 
I find now that I have less mind chatter or judgment and I am happier than I have been in a very long time.  Thank you!    Donna

If you are ready to let go and are looking for a natural, non-judgmental, safe environment to find out how to forgive and to make your life much more, this course is for you.  You owe it to yourself to let Elizabeth guide you through “Radical Forgiveness”.
Elizabeth is genuine, caring and honest.  Having walked her own forgiveness path, she can definitely help you clear your own trail.  The transition is very easy, gentle and inspiring!  You will have tools that you will be able to use for the rest of your life.    T.W.

I wanted to write you a brief testimonial of things that have happened in my life in the 10 weeks I have been taking your Radical Forgiveness course.  I have worked on various items and have seen changes in so many areas of my life.  These include:
        Work:  I have better relationships with people that I have had issues with in the past.
         Renter:  A renter that was living with me that was causing disharmony in my life suddenly moved out. 
         Home:  I have considered for years that it was time to sell my home.  I did not know what I wanted to move into and just was not sure what to do.  Since beginning the course, I have decided to sell
my home and buy a 4-Plex.  This decision is absolutely right for me. 
         Ex:  I worked on various aspects of this subject and was told that the ex and his family are all speaking well of me at a recent family gathering.  (Not that this was my business.)  This is a change.
These are the major shifts in my life.  I am sure there are more although sometimes it is hard to see changes in yourself. 
Thank you Elizabeth for introducing me to Radical Forgiveness.  It has made a big difference in my life and I am sure it will continue to do so.  If someone would like to clean out their cobwebs, then this is the course for you.     Barbara


Well it’s been about a month now since I did my Radical Forgiveness workshop, and to be honest, in the beginning after signing up, and until the day arrived, I had anxiety when thinking about it.  I wondered what kind of voodoo would be done on me to get the results I wanted.  Would I have to tell my sad story in front of a bunch of strangers like a therapy session? Was I crazy to be doing this?

Well I can now reassure you that voodoo was not used and its nothing like a therapy session!!!!  From the time the day started, I could feel that I was in a welcoming, safe environment.  As the day progressed and we worked through activities, things got released in ways I never could have predicted.

I’m so glad I signed up and stuck to it as the situation I chose to work on that day has totally been wiped clean.  Even now a month later when I think about “my issue” I now just smile about it all and know this issue has no control over my life. Now I feel FREE! 

This issue is something I have worked on getting rid of for at least 10 years. You always think “I’m over that”, “I have forgave”, “I have let go”.   I was only kidding myself because every time this issue came back around, it would make a world wind of my life.  I would be left standing there mad at myself for once again falling for it all.  However, I can truly say that’s not going happen anymore.

Thank you Elizabeth for bringing Radical Forgiveness into my life!      Ericka

I came into this workshop thinking "Oh why did I do this? And I am leaving knowing that this was one of the best things I have ever done. I love knowing that I can do this forgiveness thing now. I have tools.     Karen

The highlight of Elizabeth’s workshop for me was the Radical Forgiveness Ceremony. I felt nervous about the exercise. And felt very vulnerable. These days everyone is so disconnected.  So for me I took a leap of faith and connected with all my heart and soul with each person. The intimacy that developed within a few seconds was priceless.  I realized we all have different pains, experiences, losses, loves, and joy, however we are all connected on a deeper level. A spiritual level. 

Thank-you Elizabeth for a beautiful day full of tears and laughter. And much needed hope...to heal.