Akashic Records

 Akashic Records – What are they?

The Akashic Records are the energetic full and complete records of information of your entire Soul’s experiences.  This includes everything you have every thought, said and did throughout your lifetimes.  It is described as being the etheric filing cabinet in the Universe that contains this entire record.  The Akashic Records have also been known by other names, such as the ‘Book of Life’.

Akashic Records – How does it work?

Through an Akashic Records Session, you have the opportunity to receive emotional, spiritual, and/or energetic clearing to any problem or situation.  

If you have an issue or situation that you require solutions and/or resolutions to, we could be guided to do some coaching, clearing, healing, and/or energy work to support you.  We may also connect with a past-life or your ancestral lines to gain insight and information to create a greater understanding of your current experiences, to release past negative energy or beliefs, to dissolve a pattern, to allow for forgiveness, and/or to let go of whatever is no longer serving you.  Amazing things have been known to happen once inside your own Akashic Records.  

Regardless of the direction your Akashic Records Session may take, just by being in the energy and vibration of the your personal Akashic Records, you will experience an energetic shift, release, or even a transformation.  

Akashic Records – How can it help me?

When working in your Akashic Records, there are no limitations on what areas of your life you can ask for support and wisdom on.  For example, you can ask about your:

Regardless of the areas of your life, we will be accessing your Soul’s wisdom and guidance to bring forward the right and perfect information, resolution, clearing, etc. for you at this time to support you in creating a shift in your current situation or issue.  No matter what type of resolution you are looking for – peace, happiness, harmony, flow, ease, compassion, love, or freedom – your Akashic Records will assist you in resolving your life’s challenges and supporting growth and success in whatever way is for your highest and best.  

Akashic Records – How can it create healing?

The Akashic Records can support you with emotional, spiritual, physical, and/or energetic healing in the areas of relationships, money, career and family issues, just to name a few, if you are feeling:

Akashic Records Disclaimer

An Akashic Records Session is for the Soul purpose of the person booking the session.  It is not appropriate to ask to access someone else’s Akashic Records or to ask questions about someone else while in your own Records.  If you are having an issue with someone, you would work that out in your own Akashic Records by asking questions around what you need to know about or possibly let go of with regards to the situation or issue.  The Akashic Records are not used to control or manipulate any person, situation or event.  It is strictly for the Soul purpose of the client.  

What does an Akashic Records Session look like?

These sessions are conducted by Zoom over the computer.  The sessions are 45 minutes.  During the session we will go into your Akashic Records where you will have the opportunity to ask questions or request support for your situation.  

Akashic Records Session Provided by Elizabeth Macarthur:


Akashic Records 1:1 Sessions (Package of 3)
Price:  $300.00. 


Akashic Records 1:1 Sessions (Single Session): 
Price:  $125.00


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Elizabeth Macarthur
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