Universal Sphere® - What is it?

The Universal Sphere® is a holistic, alternative wellness tool that provides techniques to support you with your emotional, mental and physical health, as well as spiritual wellness.  The Universal Sphere® is a simple and effective alternative energetic tool that will help you to connect to a higher vibrational solution energy that has the potential of shifting and changing your current state of wellness in any area of your life.  
The Universal Sphere® supports you in breaking through the constraints and limitations of your 3D mind in your thinking and beliefs allowing for more ease and flow to navigate life’s challenges.  This supports you in opening up to and allowing more of the higher vibrational solutions that exist beyond your current 3D field to finally show up!  With these new higher vibrational solutions now readily available to you, you can create outcomes and resolutions for your current mental or emotional situations or challenges that you never thought were possible.  With this comes more happiness, more peace, more ease and flow of life, greater balance, enthusiasm, love, connectedness... all those things you may be currently seeking to improve upon in your life.     

The Universal Sphere® - How does it work?

When engaging with the Universal Sphere®, it will automatically begin to raise your vibration and allow you to consciously connect into the Unified Field.  This allows for a much stronger connection with the Field of Infinite Possibilities (possibilities outside of what your mind can currently conceive) and Solution Energy, which then allows for higher vibrational solutions to energetically show up in your physical reality.
When you are in the middle of an issue or situation, it is very difficult to raise your vibration enough to see your way past the hurt, resentment, anger, blame, betrayal, frustration, revenge, and beyond the current 3D solutions that come to mind that just are not working for you.  
The Universal Sphere® gives you that conscious and intentional lift in vibration and breaks through your 3D limitations to allow different, unknown solutions to appear to create a greater outcome than what you can currently conceive.  Through that lift in vibration, you have the opportunity to allow for the highest and best outcome for all concerned to be the experience and result. 

Universal Sphere® - How can it help you?

There are many ways in which the Universal Sphere® can help and support you in your life.  For example, the Universal Sphere® can assist you if you are:

The Universal Sphere® can: 

Still not sure if this is for you, then join us on-line, via Zoom, for a Universal Sphere® - Moment of Calmness complimentary group experience. For more information on these sessions and for a list of the upcoming dates, check out the Moments of Calmness page or click here:  http://breakthroughsabounding.com/AMomentofCalmness   

Universal Sphere® - Disclaimer

It is important to note that the Universal Sphere® cannot be used as a way to manipulate a situation so that you can get the result of what you want.  It cannot be used to make other people change or conform to your ideas so that your life can be better.  It is not a tool that can be used to control or manipulate anyone or anything.
The Universal Sphere® will not interfere with anyone’s Soul or Higher-Self path, purpose, or life’s journey.  It creates results that are in the ‘highest and best’ of all concerned.  

Universal Sphere® - What does a session look like?
These sessions are conducted via Zoom Virtual Meeting or by telephone.  The sessions include time for discussions.  During the session you will receive a Universal Sphere® for a situation or issue of your choice and spend time basking in this powerful energy.  If you are not exactly sure what to do the Universal Sphere® on, this can be talked through in the discussion time. 
Note:  A lot of detail is not required on the issue or situation for the Universal Sphere® to be effective.  A brief outline is just as effective because we are dealing with a higher level energy.  Trust and know that the Universal Sphere® just knows what you are referring to.

Universal Sphere® Session Pricing:

Universal Sphere® 1:1 Sessions via Zoom (Package of 3): 
Price:  $244.44  


‘Back to Normal’ Special:  1:1 Single Session – Price:  $54.44
For a limited time only.  Ends midnight September 30, 2021.


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Elizabeth Macarthur
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 Instructor / Practitioner