Radical Self-Forgiveness

What makes self-forgiveness different and its own strategy?

Have you ever heard the saying, “you are your own worst enemy?”  Well sometimes you are your own worst critic and you beat up on yourself way more than you would allow anyone else to. You blame yourself, get angry at yourself, and judge yourself for doing or not doing something.

And not only do you harbor resentments and judgments against others, but also against yourself.  This is where Radical Self-Forgiveness comes in.  This is a tool designed specifically to support you in being able to forgive yourself for what you ‘think’ or ‘believe’ you have done to someone else, or not done.  By holding onto these negative emotions against yourself, you create low self-esteem or low self-confidence in yourself, and leave yourself feeling disempowered.

Radical Self-Forgiveness has a few distinct differences from Radical Forgiveness.  With Radical Forgiveness, you are very clear in who the victim is and who hurt the victim.  These are two separate people.  However, with Radical Self-Forgiveness, you are both the victim and the person who did the wrong.  

Traditional self-forgiveness struggles with this issue because it is appealing to your human self (your ego or judging self) for forgiveness who is not interested in letting you off the hook.  It is invested in keeping you in your victim story of making you wrong.

Radical Self-Forgiveness, on the other hand, allows for a way for you to seek self-forgiveness and to receive it.  It appeals to your Higher Self (thereby bypassing the ego or judging self) who always grants the request.

Another challenge is that sometimes you would rather blame yourself and beat yourself up than admit and deal with who you are really upset with...the other person.  You think it is self-forgiveness (or your fault) when it really is someone else’s fault.  Or, you are blaming yourself for something that is not your fault, or at least not entirely your fault.

In doing the Radical Self-Forgiveness worksheet, you will have the opportunity to discern what is appropriate guilt, what is inappropriate guilt, and if there is someone else to blame.  This needs to be clear for the effectiveness of the tools.  This is a feature that traditional self-forgiveness does not have. This feature in Radical Self-Forgiveness will guide you in determining which tool to use (the Radical Self-Forgiveness worksheet, the Radical Forgiveness worksheet, or maybe both) to dissolve the negative emotions effectively and release the victim story.


Radical Forgiveness Services:

Radical Forgiveness / Self Forgiveness 1:1 Session (Package of 5):   $500.00


Radical Forgiveness / Self Forgiveness 1:1 Session (Single Session):   $124.44


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Elizabeth Macarthur
Your Radical Living Master Coach